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About Us

Candice Davis, BS, MH is a medical herbalist and holistic nutritionist. A Medical Herbalist is an herbalist who has had extensive clinical training in the field of making herbal medicines and applying herbal formulations to clients to facilitate in their health and wellness.  Medical herbalists have a strong back ground in the materia medica (herbal encyclopedia). They need to have knowledge of contemporary health issues, as diagnosed by a Western medical/allopathic practitioner; in addition to knowing the standard pharmacopoeia to insure there will be no drug-herb interactions.

Candice has a strong research background in the sciences and dietetics from Arizona State University.  She has years of clinical experience and intense training in Chinese and Ayruveda herbal medicine from Greenfingers Herbal Medicine Clinic and School in Phoenix, Arizona.  She has also completed courses with the famous Dr. Vasant Lad in Ayurvedic Medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in Alburqurque, New Mexico.  Over the past decade, she has attended numerous seminars and continuing education courses in Botanical Medicine, Pediatric Herbal Medicine, Drug-Herb Interactions, Immune System Disorders, Herbs for Thyroid Disorders, Nutrition for Cancer Recovery, and Herbs for Midwifery and Prenatal care.

Candice currently has partnered with the Natural Healing Garden in Prescott, Arizona. Previously, she has founded several herbal medicine clinics in Phoenix, AZ and Asheville, NC. She has been featured on the Dale Joyner Show Live on URTV--Asheville.  Her live-on-air broadcast was entitled, "Health From your Own Pot! Food as Your Medicine!" 

Candice believes that well-being is the predominant state of the body, and that "symptoms" are just an indicator of imbalance that can simply be allowed to correct itself with gentle guidance. She looks at what is going WELL within the whole person, in order to spark wellness within the parts—true Holistic Healing. Candice has a proven track record in helping children and adults find relief and balance using herbs and nutrition. 

Candice is not just a health professional, but also a wife, and mother to 6 children and 3 dogs. Candice has authored and self-published three books: The Joy of Labor, Having a Pain Free Child Birth; A Visit From Enlightenment; and The Adventures of Spirit Girl and Reaction Man.  She lives and plays with her family in Prescott Valley, Arizona.