Welcome to Global Botanicals.  Your Wellness Clinic for Natural Health, Healing, and Herbs.

Welcome to Global BotanicalsYour Wellness Clinic for Natural Health, Healing, and Herbs.

Global Botanicals specializes in bringing ancient health care systems to modern times, which enables true healing. 

Global Botanicals utilizes the two oldest medical systems in the world, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, as well as holistic nutrition (food as medicine) to help assist the bodies own natural healing process. 

The aim at Global Botanicals is to look for what is going WELL within the person, in order to spark wellness with in the parts. 

We believe that well-being is the predominate state of the body; that "symptoms" don't have to turn into a "condition"; and that sickness is just an indication of an imbalance, which can easily be corrected with gentle methods such as nutrition and herbs.

Read what others have to say...

"Candice I promise you with absolute and unwavering certainty, you would be the first person I can call...! You're a doll and u helped me so much before..."  Matt A. Nov 2009

"Thanks so much for coming over yesterday.  [He] is doing a LOT better.  You are a miracle worker!  He did not go back to school today however, as I felt another day at home with all the remedies was needed as he still seems to be fighting the virus. Thanks again"
Michelle T. Oct 2009

"Can you send another bottle of Clean Air [Herbal Remedy]?  With 4 of us taking it pretty regularly as we exhibit cold symptoms - it's nearly gone, but we've stayed healthy while every one around us keeps getting sick."
Heather P. Nov 2009

 "I am feeling better, and people keep coming up and telling me that I look better…"
Monica S.

"Candice is an amazing [herbalist].  I had some surgery done where my bladder was lifted, tubes tided and ablation.  Candice put me on an herbal supplement and some after surgery medication. I was suppose to need a two week recovery.  Not only did I not need the medication prescribed by the hospital, I recovered in a week."
Jennifer C.

"I'd really like to thank her for her help. i loved how kind and caring she was. her answers were creative and helpful. An all around great person."
Lissa December 2009

"...unbelievable! [She] is very knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely clear and articulated. I am stunned by her sense of caring and knowledge. I consider myself very lucky to get an answer from an expert like her."
Tuyen Nov 2009

"I highly recommend Candice Davis. Before treatment, I was very anxious and slightly depressed. She took the time to fully investigate the cause of my discomfort. In follow up appointments she adjusted my remedies to better treat my symptoms. It was the first time in a long time I felt better. Thanks Candice!"
Aaron S.